Dancing on Air

(But There's No Air in My Lungs)

Sick with worry

Like a disease polluting my body

Like air to my bloodstream

Air in my veins, 

But none in my lungs

Plenty of air to dance on,

But none in my lungs.

I imagine my heart cold and gray

That's what it feels like,

Even as its racing

To the finish line, I guess

Running out of breath, out of air,

No air in my lungs.

And it's funny that they tell you

Not to worry

They tell you it's not so bad

It's never so bad

But I'm going mad.

Sometimes I'm dancing on air,

Not a care in the world, not a care.

Don't tell me it'll be ok while I'm falling.

I won't believe you.

Who could believe you?

Would you? 

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