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Dancing in the Dark

A Love Letter to Depression

A dying rose.

I fell in love with you as we danced in my room at all hours

As you spun me around, dipping and twirling

We were passionate, as lovers are

Wrapped under the covers all day, intertwined in eachother

Constantly together, always by my side, the one that would never leave.

You understood me like no one else did.

It was as if you could read my mind

As if you were in my head

But you are in my head

You’re always there

Even when I long to be alone

Controlling my every thought and movement,

Filling my head with doubts

I love and I loathe you depression

My oldest friend

my most tempestuous affair

I still cannot decide if you are wrong or right

You still visit sometimes

To catch up like old times

I hope that soon the dances we share will be our last.

I am no longer interested in dancing with the devil

No matter how alluring you may be.

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Dancing in the Dark
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