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Dancing Alone in the Rain

A Poem

I guess I'm just tired of fighting for something that used to come so naturally.

I'm tired of dancing alone in the rain.

I'm tired of all the old cliches.

I'm looking for something to freshen up my life, motivate my day.

Someone throw me a lifesaver, it will certainly save my soul.

I'm drowning in self pity with no where else to go.

If moods could come like seasons, relationships would be so easy to figure out.

Instead we are at each others mercy, honestly—without a doubt.

I guess I'm tired of the same old song and dance, my friend.

Looking to lighten my load.

Looking to cash it all in.

Burnt out loneliness unhinged.

My desperate spirit is feeding off of a smidge of hope and a crack at a second chance.

Hey is someone out there?

Can you hear me?

You probably can't see me anymore.

I've become commonplace.

I've become everybody else.

So, now for attention, I find myself screaming out loud.

Looking out my window, it's night.

Whispering winds keep you close.

But the moon tells me you're too far from home.

Riding horses bare back, the sun is beating on my bare back.

I still feel your nails trail down my spine.

It makes me shiver.

The thought of you makes me cry.

But with the dawn comes the reality of this fairy tale.

With the sun rising I'm no longer susceptible to your dreams.

But I do believe you will always hear my screams.

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Dancing Alone in the Rain
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