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Dances with Two Souls

The Dream of My Soulmate

Shadows of Yellow and Red danced across a pale blue sky.

Music I swore I'd heard once, but couldn't recall where.

A calming realization, soothing my body... like sleeping on a rainy Sunday morning. 

Mesmerizing in the same way I look at the night sky, and you look at me.

It was like a dream, the ones you swear are real.

Where you feel every sensation heightened, and it sends your mind reeling into another time and place. 

Maybe that's where we were, when I saw you take my hand.

A red shadow pulled me so closely that my Yellow faded fast.

Yellow into Red. 

Me into you.

This feeling of calm, like I'd never felt peace before.

So I sat and I watched... 

Thinking I'd finally let our souls meet.

How wrong was I to find that this dance was not a first. 

But one of a thousand lifetimes, memories, and loves.

This wasn't the first verse they'd spent, casting shadows.

For our souls were old friends who kept secrets without us.

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Dances with Two Souls
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