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Damsel in a Dress

Once Upon a Time

Brick by brick she builds her castle.

The cement was churned by tears of the past.

It’s bulletproof.

Layer upon layer of paint is applied.

The cracks are covered. 

She forgets they exist.

She built one before years ago.

It was a straw house blown down-

by the man who turned out to be a wolf.

The higher the walls the safer the fort.

At least that’s how she thought it worked.

Alas she was in control.

No one comes in. No one can go.

One by one they knocked on her door.

She wanted them to not want her

Until they stopped coming and

she could not take the loneliness anymore.

The fort was supposed to guard her heart

So why did it feel like her world was tearing apart?

Silly girl

She forgot

Curtains may not let light in-

but they also don’t let you look out.

Her shutters cut off the sunlight and choked her from within.

Her heart stopped beating 

because she beat it. 

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Damsel in a Dress
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