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Daddy Issues


They say girls fall in love with

guys who are like their fathers.

But what if their father

wasn't there at all?

It's not any easy thing to


It's not easy to fall.

He left her there

year after year;

always promising to call.

so she'd sit by the phone a few times,

and it never

rang at all.

I guess you've made me

into a trophy case.

I hold in the pain,

and the broken promises you

whisper sound like rain,

filling up a bathtub and sticking my head

right under;

and still I'd stand for you

so tall.

and still I'd love you and still let you in.

But here I still sit

drowning in your lies...

because daddy doesn't call.

so I don't want anyone like you

at all.


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Daddy Issues
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