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OCD Through My Eyes

Obsession belonging in my fingertips


choking in my lungs;

the air is filthy

take short breaths, (why can't the air be cleaned?)

Obsession catipulting

to the front of my mind -

dancing in my skull -

pounding through my ears -

until my limbs give out on fighting -

now they wont move me


training my mind to theirs,

if they loath me,

will I hurt them,

obsession in writing this

is proper order - 

How long?

too long,

it must be shorter to make sense,

which form? 


in safety,

if I'm sane,

in the dust coating the counters -

burning holes through my skin,

as I'm the only one who appears to see it


obsession ruminating my headspace


in my fingertips

obsession choking in my lungs

the air is filthy

take short breaths, now

avoid the cycle. 

Spreading Mental Health Awareness Is Important!

Spreading mental health awareness is incredibly important to me. This is just one of the many forms of OCD and how it shows itself through thousands and thousands of people. OCD does not make you crazy, does not mean you don't belong with everyone else; it's a legitimate mental illness that demands to be spoken about, for understanding and awareness so people can feel understood and less alone. 

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For more poetry and prose, follow my Instagram: @themooncriedher

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