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A Poem


Waking up feeling like you are repeating the same day over and over again. You try to distract yourself but you have the same thoughts and memories. Pain that you have had bottled in for so long is finally at its peak. You swallowing your pride for the first time just isn't enough. Every day you try to move forward in life but when you finally start to see the light you are flooded with everything you were trying to hide from.  Keeping quiet isn't enough. Taking out your anger won't help... But crying is now. Something you haven't done for so long that when the pain was in your face you couldn't show it. Then you found your trigger... Boom!  Is this how it ends... 

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Pooka Mitchell
Pooka Mitchell

I love poety, crazy stories and to make ppl laugh.  Using my imagine to please other is the best feeling in the world. 🌏 hope you enjoy

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