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Crystallized Brain

Addiction, White Men, Black Bodies, and Music

I found your name and number in a bathroom stall

Took you down right there but you never called

Nine Inches Of Dick little black boy you could have it all while listening to Nine Inch Nails on And on and on

That Downward Spiral, You took me.

50 years my senior I was just a wide eyed senior turning tricks in a bathroom stall

A Rolling Stone I was on The Weeknd another acid trip catch me I’m falling 808s and Heartbreaks Big Baby Ballin doing lines in the Sky listening to Sky.

B.O.Y.S never take the blame and boys turn into men who never take the blame.

John the Mayor (Mr. White Guy) with your little lustful white lies you changed my whole demeanor.

I heard you sing songs about GIRLS who became mothers way too soon and broken boys, that shit just made me fuckin meaner.

All of my friends would be calling each other like ayo have you seen her, But no one has Since Last Wednesday.

I was HighAsAKite, filling my soulless body up with bathroom cleaners. That was the time I saw MJ’s ghost in that McDonald’s bathroom, we both had needles in our veins, Do You Remember? The Time?

The same White Devil bruised my body with his night stick, cursed me generationally with his glass dick and then rode in to save me, he was High Up in the penthouse coveting my Black Magic Stick He even called me his Dark Knight I became his raging stallion.

Behold The White Man Underneath that White Hood On his Pale Horse!

Thanks be to God, and The Universe and Beyoncé.

I’m Not Drunk In Love no more

I’m not Blind even if my love is,

All my RelationShits Are Over

I’m Fuckin Sober

Thanks Be To God for that my soul got saved and my mind has been renewed.

Thanks Be To GOD not yours but mine Beautiful and Black,

A woman gave us 2Chainz, YG, Quavo and 2Pac’s, Dear Mommas, because mine Ain’t Raise No Hoe, either.

She’s Proud,

I’m still her wild child, but at least

I’m Fuckin Sober! 

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Crystallized Brain
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