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Crystal Eyes


Those eyes, yeah they hide poetry

They're more than just beautiful

They're more than just blue

They're more than the ocean and they speak the truth

The moment I looked at you and I knew

Those are going to consume...

Consume my mind, consume my heart

I knew that they could change my life

Oh, I can drown in those ocean eyes

They're more than just gardens

That are filled with flowers

They're deeper than meaning of a broken soul

They've seen pain and they've seen loss

They still survived and so much more

There's to come for them to see

Love, happiness, eternity

I see a lot in them, y'know..

At first they show pride

At first they show ignorance

And how much I'll try to ignore

That now when I look in them all I can see

A heart filled with love

And selfless intentions

Hell, I see future in them 

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Crystal Eyes
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