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A Poem

Photographer: Michael Dadula | Monterey County, CA

You so tenderly and graciously

let me go

and I couldn't do the same.

I finally see the truth in the whispers

that you can't give me anymore.

Even though I heard you

I based it against myself

and how I felt I would handle

my love if I were in your shoes.

In my heart I recognize

that I wasn't allowing space for you

to love me in the only way you knew how to.

I wasn't able to give up my expectations.

Releasing those hopes isn't easy

and that's not an excuse.

It is something that is difficult for me

and I know life often calls for us to relinquish

our tight grips.

You've been so caring through all of this.

Oh, how I would do anything for you.

Through all of my mistakes and failings,

all I want to do is be and give you what you need.

Why can't I receive the same?

If only you could feel just how much I love you

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