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Crows Perched On A Railing


On the way to work, I saw an interesting sight.

Although it was clearly day, this image represented the night.

Like the darkened voids I've come to know so well.

Just the sight of them was enough to compel.

My thoughts were kept from trailing.

When I spied five crows perched on a railing.

There they were all in a line.

Standing out like an obvious sign.

Not once did they flap or caw.

They remained quiet and ominous from what I saw.

My imagination was all but failing.

Until I witnessed these crows perched on a railing.

As I approached, sure they did fly.

Silently but gracefully into the sky.

Like muted widows fleeing from the graveside.

Too overwhelmed to speak of the love that died.

Through the bluest skies, the blackness is sailing.

After just being some crows perched on a railing.

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Crows Perched On A Railing
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