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Crowded Canvases of Nothing

Maybe, you don't get to dictate your life.

(Photo: Steve Johnson)

that night,

I drew colors

so vibrantly dull

and all the shades of gray

did not even begin to explain the complexities it meant.

what it was supposed to represent.

it was supposed to convey

the light,

the dark,

how close they were 

at being how far they were.

I couldn't draw the straight line.

I couldn't draw the clear cut truth.

nothing left on the canvas was enough

no mark

or stroke

or splatter

told the story I wanted it to convey.

so that night,

I drew colors,

an explosion of life,

but this twisted universe

drew me from my beginning, 

and it will to my end. 

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Crowded Canvases of Nothing
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