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Crooked Crowns

A poem

I am a king

Who has always tried to do what’s best

For himself, 



In the past, many people have hurt me

Then moved on

The thing about me is

Once I love you, that’s it

It doesn’t stop ever

You will always have a plate of food from me

Just not at every meal

My kingdom is built on the backbone of a broken heart

That’s too stubborn to know it’s foundations have cracked

Ready to collapse on itself

Tired and ready to rest

At the ripe old age of 24

I wear this crown

Of my greatest 




The ones that look back at me in the mirror

This is the way I make sure I never hide myself from anybody

But on the contrary, I tend to break eye contact

With strangers often too early so they never

Have the chance to see right through me

You may notice

The crown is heavy

And sometimes

It will tilt to one side

Which goes to show

What I’ve always known

Corrupt kings wear crooked crowns. 

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Crooked Crowns
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