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Crimes Against Humanity

Made for a tyrant.

The ancient questions are asked over and over again. Who will set my soul free? What will happen next? When will things work out for the best? Where have we went wrong? Why have they forsaken us? And how will I know for sure if it is meant to be? The truth is that we have to look within ourselves to discover who we are. Always remember who we are. We're all one and everything is inter-connected in some way are another.

You made it this way and I can't be bothered by your lack of integrity

You came to the conclusion of the fact of the matter that you live in this society

You've come to terms with committing crimes against humanity

To hell with you for all I care; I can't seem to get through your walls

Don't be a waste of time and space; a sociopath always falls

There is no other way but to wait patiently for a time when nature calls

You messed up the world again with dictating the lives you envision

Do you need some time to think about the situation before you make a rational decision?

Politics are for balancing the world by fighting against social injustice and building economy; not for a business scheme with a recision

You lost all you had playing a stupid game; and you're not going to make anything great

To be great you must stand with the people not rise above with fate

Karma will get you in the end; for now I'll watch with open eyes and patiently wait

My ears don't hear what I don't want to hear; I see your side but the truth is you are the weak link

I want to bring you down to level ground because up on this cloud everyone can be a dink

You are who you are and I don't fight with blood; I fight with ink

Your curiosity gambled with your life; show remorse to rid regret

you took everything from me I will forgive but I'll never forget

You could step down off your high horse and get back with the world for a safe bet

Remember who you are deep down; your roots are rotting; the world will one day be governed by the meek

We'll take you back to when it all began, you became outraged, omnipotent and weak

you don't ever really find what you're looking for; yet you always seek

You dance on broken homes making a fool of yourself, somehow I know what you're all about

We're draining the hourglass of the sands of time and there is only one way in and one way out

You say you can do all these things you say you will do, somehow I have my doubts

You kill me slowly each and every day with your selfish death-defying maneuver; as if it's the only way out of the life you live

We won't forget anything. until there's nothing left but to completely forgive

A broken promise is worse than a lie, the vicious cycle the world will relive

It is what it has always been, it is what it is and what it will always be

There are many things in this broken world that don't have to be

Somehow I still keep the faith that what is meant to be will be

We can't be content with what we have if we desire more, go ahead, you'll see; have it your own way

This takes me back to the dawn of time when you threw everything away

Speak when you are spoken to unless you have nothing left to say

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Crimes Against Humanity
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