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In Response to Hard Times

little girl in hospital waiting room surrounded by crayons

sat on the carpet, colouring in pictures of doctors and nurses

waiting for her consultancy of her mri and the blue crayon

a little boy in a bandanna was using

she coloured their faces in blue

it didn't look like much but she smiled proudly

as they told her the nasty thing in her head was shrinking and she was good at staying in the lines

and even though she'd need more treatment and the colours were wrong

her mum put the picture of the scan on the fridge

she rang nana and nana cried and told granddad 

and daddy gave her a high five for being so brave

and little brother said he wanted to be like her some day

mummy gave her some special tablets and a cuddle before bed

she squeezed her little hand where the needles and the crayons marked her skin

and she smiled proudly

her little girls progress

she was going to grow big 

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