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Understanding the Underestimated

I won't let the 

demon in me beat 

you to the ground

but when you let me

show my wings–the

white ones I mean–

I will not hold back 

the energy, the magnitude,

or the will that those 

wings wish to–fly.

"Fly higher"

I'll say, bring it 

to the top.

Because the day 

you learn a lesson, I'll

finally be free. 

The demon shows

me where you wish 

to kill but he 

doesn't have a care

in the world to 

keep you sane. 

He releases his 

secrets to show you pain. 





The wings are black

now, turning to ash. 

You wish to brawl

but we may


for the demons schemes because

white is not his 


Loud, soft, he doesn't

choose. He let's you

run for nothing gives

him joy.  

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