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i know what it's like

to feel as if sleep

will rob you of the remembrance

of your self image

of your hard-earned dignity and poise.

to think that while you wake,

the moment you've been waiting for

will pass you as you're half-dreaming

or hit you in the face

as soon as your eyes part open

but rest, beloved.

staying up will only keep you bound

to circular thoughts.

their rhythm will not console you

as you believe


it will drive you mad.

so instead of continuing

to riddle yourself with the specifics

of the possibilities of the day,

lay your mind down with your body,

breathe deep,

and float.

because tomorrow will lend itself to you

when it is now.

- A. Chanel

More work at alyhabove.com

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A hybrid creative driven to connect and destined for play. I see lifestyle and experience as forms of art, and use self-study as my fuel and my science. My heaviest themes are high-sensitivity, intuition, and awareness. I just love being.

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