A Poem

Always have Courage

What is courage?

A brave knight riding on his mustang in the dark night to save his beloved princess from the fire-breathing dragon. But it seems like the story always starts the same.

The brave and cowardly people are both fearful

But it's always the brave one who faces their fear and

Does what needs to be done

But Courage today is a lie, created by a system of cowards

who hide behind a mask convincing children that heroes

can fight their battles against monsters, but the monsters are like any other; bigger, stronger and more powerful.

These young boys and girls are fed

with these lies, and their dreams fly like butterflies only to be crushed at the end

When the cowards know the real danger of what they are doing

It takes strength to fit in, it takes courage to stand out.

It takes strength to survive, it takes courage to thrive. 

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