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Counterfeit Love

A Terza Rima Poem

Kodi Hayes (2018). Kylua [Print]. Courtesy of [email protected] 

They’ll utter the sweetest words to your heart,

then disguise their vile attempts to break it,

and still smile in your face for the most part.

The care is forged; the love, counterfeit.

He saw me and thought I’d be his next prey ,

and told himself, “I’ll have a go at it.”

He toyed me like a doll , like I was child’s play.

Time told that me it would come soon enough ,

but I knew that I’d need another gateway.

Maybe staying would prove that I was tough,

maybe he’d realize that I was the one,

or maybe I’ll at last become fed up.

They’ll try their hardest to tear you apart,

They’ll utter the sweetest words to your heart.

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Counterfeit Love
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