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To Happiness

Am I the monster you made me to be?

Or are you the one and no one can see?

I am not perfect, not in the least,

But I am a man. Not a mindless beast.

My anger has fuel and my sorrow has scars.

So who are you to put me behind bars?

My struggle's my own and I'll make it through

I would rather die than get help from you.

your words they mean nothing, nothing at all.

And this is your judgment. now it's time to fall.

Get off your high horse you're just like me,

But my scars are in sight for all to see.

I know that I'm broke, that's nothing new.

I can deal with it alone, I have no use for you.

Your façade as my friend has come to an end.

There are so much more thing to which I must tend.

I'll dispose of my memories of which you are in.

The countdown to happiness is about to begin.

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