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Cosmic Inception

Definitive Perception of This Cosmic Collection

Define perception

Perceive definition

Create now this mental inception

Introduce sights to this loaded gun

They call this life

But are we having fun?

As for shots;

You get just one

So take heed now

Steady as she goes

Just remember

When in doubt

Meditate it out

Cuz only the third eye knows

Micro to macro

Cosmic inception

These words your mind could refine

If only you expand your perception

To all that is, was, or ever will be

The true oneness throughout our history

Lies pulled over your eyes

Degrees of separation

Plaguing the hearts and minds

Of this inhabited planetary inhibition

Dragging down a once great civilization

By the powers that be

So let me be me

Independent and free

You be you and do what you do

Just know that deep inside

Our oneness is true

Gifts of the present

Manifest what fate sent

Receiving subtle vibes

To pay the cosmic rent

Resonating out

From within the cosmic fire

As frequencies slowly grow

Pray through the gasp

To thrive and never tire

Striving for the strength

To ascend higher and higher

Embrace what will be done

cuz what's done is gone

Life is but a movie reel

Ready to come unspun

Written, directed, and starring

Remnants of stars and lightning

Guiding forth a life worth depiction

Conception to conclusion

Bear not any confusion

There is no disputing

The conduction of this illusion

Are just fragments forgotten fusion

So fuss not about this contextual contusion

Causing this cosmic climax

to become distorted

Content with the content

These cosmic channels

Can only be reported

Through means of meditation

Mediating the sources

These course discourses

Discussing the forces

And though in disarray

They’re here to stay

So we try to keep them sorted

To help guide the way

Of that inner hidden path

Make haste

Step lightly now

But don’t you dare look back

Step by step we boldly take

Leaving life's lessons in our wake

Keep all 3 eyes open

And we will find a way

To look beyond each moment

And all the nay they say

For hopeless is a myth

A farce

A mere fork in the road

Life's pop quiz

So fear not

For the fate be foretold

Live a dream, or dream to live

It's all a dream to me

But dream a life where all your dreams

become realities

Now take that vision and live it out

Down these paths unseen

Forgetting not

The freedoms wrought

These fables of tomorrow

Mysteries of the morrow

enlightened through future sorrows

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, but never did

Adjust, adapt, and move on,

push through it kid!

Overcome your doubts,

your demons, and dreads

Just remember,

it's all in your head

So it is there that we must define each moment

As we strive to live as one

The you

The I

The me

The we

Brothers and sisters

This singularity of being

Constantly feeding on

This consciousness as it’s teeming

Beginning to breathe in

Life eternal

But our fun has just begun

Moving forward

Becoming our one

With all we become

Which is all that we are

All that is beneath the sun

Until this fleeting mortal being

Finally comes undone

This cellular weave of mortal being

Has passed its peak

Our summit is not what it seems

Seamlessly peeking forth

Seeing from within this dream

Only now we usher in

Our ascension

To unlock what remains unseen

Feel it coursing through each subtle pore

Leaves you living, wanting more

Surrender lies that define yourself,

to become one, with all your else

Breathing, heeding, paths unseen

Needing, breeding, thoughts of being

Holding, molding, each desire

As a flame, I am the fire

Within a waking slumber sphere

There is no time, so never fear

Minute after minute, hour after hour

Let the dream wake you

Down your path of chosen power

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Cosmic Inception
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