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Conversing with My Mind

Metaphoric Poem. Sometimes I wonder... Don’t you?

Walk With GRACE. 

Sometimes I wonder. . .

If the powerfulness of my mind is equal to the progressions of my thoughts. Which take over my soul and dig deep into the motions of my heart.

I constantly walk through this valley with my eyes closed, because I have chosen this very rare road plenty times before. 

I never cross street lights like others choose to do; I have always hesitated without fitting to buy a new pair of shoes. 


My world is surrounded by its own daily routine, but even when I lay my head to rest I won’t regret my time machine.

I will forget even what's unforgettable because it’s too unbearable. 

And my thoughts are controllable to a certain extent, so I will forget my past debts and move forward to a higher connect. 

If it’s one thing the lady who birthed me taught me, if I have chosen to be good strive high to be the best; Yet if I have chosen to be bad, be the best in bad. 

In other words, make the water in your own lake and keep it clean and protected. Disinfected. 

And it will eventually grow larger. With more to fill, like adding love to affection. 

What is the true definition of LOVE?

Have you ever felt this emotion before? Difficult to let go, yet you find your way to sanity; eventually it becomes too easy.

To destroy another. Like with whom you shared love with has destroyed you by leaving. 

Love and Pain are actually not compatible. And love with hate is actually irrational. 

It’s all a confusion of a functional mind that starts to wear off from time to time. Can you feel the deepness of my rhyme, or have an understanding between my lines?

Actually having the wisdom and knowledge to understand the meanings of my words takes time and acknowledgment like a prolonged course.

What you didn’t once know now you know, because you have learned like a study guide form.

This is all called life. The energy and forces of my mind that controls my reality. Although I do not know it all, just what I am consisted of. 

There are a lot of things in this bubble of a world that we won’t comprehend.

Like if there’s no reason for depression, search for answers. Don’t just give up like a murder confession.

Fight it like an unknown infection; or get ready to let go like a funeral preparation.

This is how my mind operates. Every second of the day it runs to elaborate.

Through sun or through rain; only those with the power of their mind can rewrite this way. 


Sleep In Peace Steph(ShawdyLo)

Thank you for reading all the way throughout I appreciate all support, criticism is very welcome as well as supportive feedback LOL. Either one is fine. Thank you guys once more. Stay tuned for more posts. 

Kiaysha Jackson
Kiaysha Jackson

Hola. Como esta. I am a 24 year young woman, who’s been through a lot. Grew and old soul and wise thoughts and words way before it was my time, and i still make mistakes. I’ve been writing since 10. It brings me to a sense of peace.✌🏽And💙

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Conversing with My Mind
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