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Contrast of Self

A Poem

@gillian_1234 on instagram by @sienadini

i am tears

i am blood

i am cracking bones

i am scars

i am migraines

i am thoughts of death

i am banging my head against the wall

i am sobbing the second my head touches the pillow

i am steel against skin

i am going to work the next day and crying when no one’s around

i am hospital beds

i am ink-less pens

i am blue pills

i am nights broken and alone

i am choking on my life

i am therapy twice a week

i am countless doctors

i am losing friends

i am running away from home

i am screaming in my sleep

i am nothing

i am tired all the time

i am going days without real food or showers

i am always alone

i am dropping out of brick and mortar school

i am freezing limbs

i am constant panic attacks

i am numbed

i am dying inside

i am rotting away

i am losing sight

i am fading slowly


i am honey eyes

i am soft skin

i am silver linings

i am a coastal breeze

i am gold blood

i am pages of beautiful words

i am laughing until my ribs break

i am sweet smiles

i am holding hands with friends

i am evergreen trees

i am desert rain

i am making dreams come true

i am loud music

i am summer days

i am rose gardens

i am loved

i am here

i am warm nights

i am remembered

i am catching the stars

i am dancing with fire

i am not alone

i am healing

i am starting anew

i am working my way up

i am hopeful

i am grateful

i am at peace

i am kind to all

i am happy

i am loving myself

i am home

Siena Dini
Siena Dini

Hi friends! I write poetry, short fiction stories, essays, and hopefully will start some entries about things I am passionate about! Thanks for reading- it means so much!

instagram: @sienadini

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Contrast of Self
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