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Throw me with the fishes.

While I was trying so hard to make it, you pushed me further away from my goal.

Honestly, I didn't know whether to give up or not, my heart was racing, and my mind, in the end, said we can't win.

My heart was too busy pounding out of my chest to decide and my legs were carrying all the weight.

At night I'd lay in bed thinking of the possibilities they'd want to hurt me like this, through the night I would cry.

I would scream out stop, but they ignored.

I bet if I alarmed them how much I was ready to jump, they'd stop.

I was no match for those who crushed me like an ant, I was no match for those who made me weak, I was no match for those who made me feel this way even today.

Trust that I no longer have for people surrounding me.

Friendships I ruin because you ruined me.

Honestly, I deny so nobody can use it against me again.

Caring I gave up.

You were my bullies, who changed my fate of destiny. 

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