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Do you really see me?

When you look into my eyes, what do you see?

Craving connection but not understanding its meaning 

Latching onto another for physical reprieve but left hollow and emotionless, my soul careening

You seek my body while I crave your soul and I'm left feeling worthless and alone.

I crave a connection with my soulmate, my love, but never seem to find him amidst all the lust. 

How do you touch me, caress me, control my body but never... Not once do you see me beyond my surface superficial self.

Do you know me? Do you see me? Do you even care?

I crave a connection with you that my soul fails to ignite...behind your walls, I dare not go, and behind my walls, I dare not show

Overshadowed with fear, with cravings ignored, my soul shrivels from lack of connection to the one that makes my soul soar.

You don't know me...You don't see me... You don't even care

I'm just a girl whose body you were willing to share.

Edkesha Anderson
Edkesha Anderson

A public admin doctoral student that freelances by night. Writing has always been a part of my life but I've only recently started to take it seriously. I write grants, research, and poetry. Hopefully, I will also add travel to the list.

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