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Confessions of a Loner and His Broken Heart

Sometimes love can make us more lonely than being apart.

Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I might be gone tomorrow, but I'm on my way tonight,

Without you, I’m the wind blowing wild and free,

Though, you once said you’ll follow me anywhere;

Your eyes tell me you don’t even care,

I know I can’t change you, it hurts more that I can’t.

Let's be lonely together.

I might be here tomorrow, but I’m invisible tonight,

Let's meet at the bottom of a bottle, where you’re poison laced with desire,

Now I'm running away my dear carrying my cross and all my fear,

I must figure it out without you;

Though you're the high, I cannot live without.

Let’s be lonely together.

I won’t come, now or any longer,

The buzz has worn off,

Only now did I realize my hands were tied but not tight enough,

The glorious adrenaline rush in my blood was a constant flatline,

Once did I try to tear it all down, now I realize it is far too late.

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Mario Castelli
Mario Castelli

Merely a writer that sees the world through a lens of both logic and abstraction, that enjoys thinking deeper and learning of things shrouded in mystery and advocating for the silent.

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Confessions of a Loner and His Broken Heart
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