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Confessions of a Fat Girl

A Poem by a Fat Girl

growing up I was always told "you are pretty for a fat girl" and I always took it as a compliment until I got older and I quickly figured out that they were saying fat girls aren't supposed to be pretty so I was lucky that I was a fat girl and still could be pretty why do I have to be pretty for a fat girl? why can't I just be pretty?

because as a fat girl I am supposed to be ashamed of how I look and be careful of what I wear because fat girls can't wear what normal people wear and then people get surprised when they make something cute in my size, when did being fat mean I am not normal? when did fat mean my clothes are supposed to be ugly?

they say "fat girls need love too" like that is something new, well guess what I figured out a long time ago that I deserve love too I just don't need it from people like you.

they say as a fat girl confidence and self love is a thing that's never heard that I am just to fall in love with any man who speaks to me sweet words, but what if his touch isn't sweet? and his kiss is forced across my cheek? I'm just supposed to accept that because I am told to be weak?

but what you don't understand is my self love speaks volumes that you can't hear because you didn't have to work to get your mind to love yourself here so no I am not going to accept any weak man with a hard touch but a real man who makes my heart flutter and rush and brings a smile to my face because that is what I deserve more than just sweet words.

and as far as confidence goes mine can take me on a world tour, you can try to step to me but my balls are bigger than yours. because thing is I am not into this stereotype, my worth is not based on my dress size or if there is a gap between my thighs, my worth is more than all the stars in the sky and I am aloud to get high off of my own life and I am aloud to respect myself you know that's right and I am aloud to see myself in a whole new light and I am aloud these confessions I type, stories I write I am aloud my life, a happy life. I am rare, raw and so unsure these are confessions of a fat girl.


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Confessions of a Fat Girl
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