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Pantiless Poetry

Today I’m not wearing any underwear.

Many may think it’s because of the annoying view of panty lines,

Or because, it makes it easier to access when I’m feeling frisky.

But really, it’s the freedom my skin feels of the constraints of society.

From the acclaimed notion that no panties makes a woman a whore.

While in reality tight clothing cause the most yeast infections,

While men drool over how tightly the lace grabs her curves.

Unaware of the feeling of being wrapped in plastic with no air.

The constant pulling and adjusting just to feel attractive for a short view.

You of all people should know what it feels like to subject yourself,

To the pressures,

To the stares,

To the lies you tell yourself.

All for the sake of not standing out too much,

Or getting that weird side eye when other girls want to compare,

The brand of panties they all go in groups to buy.

Or is it the sheer fear of not having that barrier to protect you?

When that one twisted man decides it’s his right to have his way?

Another victim of rape being called the predator,

All because of the clothes she decided to not wear.

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