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Part Eight

It was great. At first it wasn't, but of course he made it all better. Once I got inside the classroom I expected it to be... not so great. I was wrong. We started off the class with doing notes. While we did them, I played around with the kid in front of me. He was writing on my paper so I kicked his chair. Then he got my pens and pencils and gave them to him. He looked up and asked whose they were and when I said me he stared to play around with them. I looked at him and he gave me a warm smile. As he continued to play he ended up breaking my wooden pencil in half and we all started to laugh. He called my name and told me to look at him... so I did. He looked at me and said he could make the pencil disappear. I smiled and I said prove it. Then he looked straight into my eyes, smiled, then dropped to pencil. I laughed at how cute he was being. Going back to doing work I needed paper. This girl at the table gave me one. As I was working he got my paper put it into the middle of the table where there was a whole and he stabbed his pencil through it. I gasped and hit him. Then I got his paper and did the same thing. The kid in front of me did it as well. He started smiling and in a playful voice he said he was gonna get me back. We played around throughout the whole class time. He grabbed my paper and put it over to his side, I reached my hand over, now completely close to him. At that moment I thought about how I started off the class with my chair far away as well as him and now we're shoulder to shoulder. The girl who have me the paper gave us a challenge. We had to draw a square with an X inside without lifting our pencils and without redrawing over the same line. I remembered it from a long time ago. But I was never able to do it. He did it. He drew it in many different ways and I was amused. Meanwhile she showed us I leaned closer to see and he did to. He had his head almost on my arm which was not laying out across the table. Our shoulders and hands touched. I was smiling a lot. When we went back he started playing with my pen. He kept pretending to write on my shirt and kept making a gasping sound Every time he did it. I would look at him and he would smile. I looked back at my paper and he started to play with my hair. I grabbed his hand and help it down for like five seconds. We did some of our work, then when it was almost time to leave, we packed up. As I was about to leave, he appeared next to me, he called my name and handed me my pen.

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