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A Mantis Shrimp's Outlook on Colorblind Pollution

I'm gay said the tiny crustacean

; well bi, but those details don't matter

in a black and white world.

You know, I find it kinda amusing

that those who see the world in two tones

claim to see the most colorful view.

Humans who believe in light

forget that it isn't made of just one color.

Binding light into a book of rules.

Turning it white.

When you're too busy distinguishing the dark from the light

there's no time to appreciate

the various colors spersed in plain sight,

living in the light.

Colors whose values vary,

some darker than others,

but all important on the canvas.

giving depth to life.

The most colorful of us

who dwell on the rainbow's colorful spectrum,

submerged in water that splits the natural light

into shards of life,

we live broken free of the suffocating ties;

the blacks and white.

We see the full scale of possibilities

That's why when we come out,

we like to douse ourselves in all the colors life has to offer

We haven't forced ourselves into one color.


Humans paint emotion they don't understand

in Black

because they want to be blinded from it

because it's a different color than the one they wear

in their hearts and on their eyes.

Because they can't see it

they take us out of the water

they burn us alive

boiling the water out of our very core in a hellbent pot

putting us under and electric white light

to watch over our agony with voracious scrutiny

and to warm themselves

from the ice cold society they live in

invented, exclusive

they eat us to become us

because you are what you eat.

the rarer the better.

Sad attempt at a change of heart,

a change of eyes

would do you better

You suck away the emotion that brings us to life

our insides,

and only give the world form.

Reduce it to shadows on paper

smeared with our bad blood.

Black blood

to you.

Throw away your white napkins

in attempt to make a black ocean


but a world painted in all white

is as blind and bland

as that which has been shrouded in all black.

You've polluted our oceans.

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