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A Poem

Black paper place holders don’t actually stay hung

The framed colors reside much longer

They say more

They say it louder

They stay longer than black paper place holders

“Red represents love,” they say

Yet also means anger

Why would pure love also let anger live?

It’s because red is not love

Red represents desire

Purple is a much nobler color

Better suited to define a regal emotion

That love

Respected and admired

Yet many misunderstand the responsibility that comes with such power

On days when the dark and gloom blanket me

Blocking out the light and scratching my skin like a thick wool

I don’t blame Van Gogh

Yellow paint belongs inside us but not in the stomach

Sunflowers and golden retrievers belong in the heart

Green and pink bloom and float

The light breeze tickles cheeks

Fills hair with blossoms

A gift of new life from the trees

A tale tale sign of impending spring

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