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Coffee Talk


I’m sitting here at the Drunken Cronuts

coffee shop located on Kings Highway.

it is midnight and I’m sucking back an

Iced Macchiato, with an extra shot of espresso.

people have their vices and mine is caffeine.

this is a confessional poem, I am

forewarning you.

here, in this place, is my church.

the blender whirring in the background

is the sound of church bells ringing.

the pastries and the coffee - a Holy Eucharist.

resurrection has come at last.

the last supper is never too far off.

let’s be realistic.

life can be hard so, let’s sweeten things


Jamaica almond fudge, key lime pie,

old fashioned butter pecan . . . saviors

of a certain flavor.

a double shot of espresso for the road.

now, we’re on the path to salvation.

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Coffee Talk
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