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Coffee Table Thoughts

Of Existentialism


Can… can you hear me?

You can! Wow, that’s a first.

Nobody ever listens to me.

Hi, I guess. I’m, uhm, well,

I don’t know who I am really…

I’m just kind of here, ya know?

I mean, why are any of us here?

You’re probably here for a reason though,

And I’d hate to keep you waiting.

Let’s get down to it then.

See, it all started way back,

Relatively of course.

I’m not that old,

Though it feels as if I’m living a thousand lives.

All of them,

Tortuous, damned souls.

Prying at the bars to reach that light, I

But the shackles fight back.

The prison of my mind,

Keeping me captive.

Back when I still cared,

When I still tried,

I fell in love.

I fell in love with the principles of reality.

The fact that all is definite,

But nothing is assured.

I want to believe my existence

Abides by that fact.

Though logic is useless here in the void.

Back to why,

No, forget why.

How? No, too convoluted…

Don’t ask those questions,

They only drive towards pain,

An unending highway,

Spiraling us all down unto death.

But you see,

This is war.

This is the reason I fight,

I will not be silenced by it.

I want to scream without my lungs.

I want to have my voice heard,

Without me having to speak at all.

You see,

I just want people to understand.

Understand why,

Why I am like this.

Why WE are like this.

Why we are even here in the first place.

I want to live,

This is no cry for help,

This is a demand.

I want to know why,

Why with all of this pain,

All this suffering,

All of this death and reformation.

Could ANYTHING as extraordinary as us,

Ever stand a chance at a fair shot.

I shall preach these words,

Belt them out into a crowd of interstitial nothingness.

The empty spaces between what matters.

Cause whether you like it or not,

I shall drive a single truth

Down your throat.

Because at the end of all things,

Darkness shall give birth,

To light.

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Coffee Table Thoughts
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