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Coffee and Donuts


Life is good in these waning

days of the American Century.

I'm at Coffee and Donuts on

Ditmas and Coney Island Ave.

sucking on an iced coffee

and it's 97 degrees outside.

hottest day of the year.

I'm here with the Indians

and the Pakistanis and

the kids and the aged

and the Jews and Moslems 

and we all have one thing in

common—the need to escape

the oppressive heat.

preferably with

ice cream

iced coffee

and of course


life is good in these waning


of the American Century

because we've perfected

the air conditioned oasis.

say what you will about

other places and other

times but the fact is

life has always been hard

on this planet and

I do appreciate this

opportunity to retreat

into the electric


and forget

and absorb


for a moment

or two.

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Coffee and Donuts
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