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This poem is about giving someone a chance that mutual friends warned you about, and finding out they were right and I should have listened to their warnings.

I stayed inside my cocoon for years.

I avoided other people.

I grew used to being alone.

We come into this world alone,

And we die alone.

I took a chance and trusted someone.

I let them into my world.

It was nice to have someone.

This world is dark.

I carry my own candle.

I protect it from the wind and rain.

I guard my heart.

A heart that hurts,

Is a heart that works.

Anything that is too good to be true,

Most likely won’t last.

I wonder why I let my guard down and attempted this friendship.

So many voices in my head.

So many warnings from others to run for the hills and never look back.

“Get out while you can,” I was told.

I gave her the benefit of everyone else’s doubt.

I trusted her.

I believed I was not a pawn in her life,

And that I would not be discarded like an old newspaper once I was no longer useful.

Friendships end.

We move on.

She turns on me when I most need someone.

I reach out to others.

I go back into my cocoon.

Back under this rock in the woods.

Trust is gained, not awarded.

I am not happy in my misery.

I am looking for ways to overcome the cards I was dealt in this life.

Mind over matter.

I will rise above all and follow my own path of bread crumbs I left for myself in the woods.

My soul grows as I overcome obstacles.

I am protected inside my cocoon.

I won’t make the same mistake twice.

This poem is featured in the book Passing Skeletons.

Passing Skeletons is a collection of poetry written by Amanda Zylstra. This collection has various themes including relationships, mental illness, addiction, and death. Each poem is filled with vivid descriptions, metaphors, and truth. This collection contains poetry written over the past 20 years and is the first published collection by this author.

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