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Long overdue. Genuinely needed.

My memory is foggy of how you really used to be.

you seem so innocent, peering over the latest fad novel you just picked up

your eyes seem to pass by mine, not noticing the familiarity they once had to you

i think about walking over to you but my body stands still

replaying the last moments we shared together in my head over and over again

a time of hope and budding forgiveness

since then so much has changed

my ego demanding that i’m in the right

but is there a winner when you’ve both lost something so precious?

time we seemingly wasted away, energy put into a hopeless cause

i turn away hoping to save face, praying i won’t hear my name from a surprised voice

i brace myself for an awkward exchange, but nothing


i think to myself ‘why is no one speaking’

‘wasn’t this meant to mend itself eventually?’

did my dream of time machines manifest itself into something real?

our eyes meet and for a brief second i think, ‘it’s finally happening’

i replay all the reasons it shouldn’t and everything i put myself through to never think that way about you again

and in this moment i’m completely confused, but completely sure of what to do

but there is a sense of peace

my nod is met with an understanding smile that things will never be the same again

and finally things seem fine

you look back at your book and i turn away one last time

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