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Christmas Island Haiku

How on earth did I get a tan?

Rain, rain, go away

I’m here but for a short while

To bask in the sun

Sugar works, sweet drinks

I work more or less in the

Kitchen, Slangevar

Black swan and tui

Teach me in this place of learning

What beauty is

The willows weeping

Upon a lake designed for

Duck, not rubber tires

The green is glowing

Ferns explode from mountain-sides

I’m fascinated

Two mismatched decks of

cards slip clumsily into

Merry-making mounds

Slugging water back

To match each drop of lager

Only seventeen

Chocolate avalanche

Just what I was yearning for

Mother does know best

I am spoiled rotten

And getting squishy, and I’m

Not grateful enough

Rushing, monstrous waves

Swift and subtly encroaching

I leap free – Sublime!

Stunning sunset clouds

Perch upon the hilltops, hide

From the camera

A fairy garden!

Tiptoe over brook and branch

For timid hellos

Captivating stars

Make me fear the universe

You’re in the wrong place

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Christmas Island Haiku
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