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Chocolate High

I have a sweet tooth. ;) This is my first piece.

Your smile

Intoxicating that it is taking me to a higher level

The touching of our lips sends dopamine to my brain

Screaming out for more.

Kisses cascading down my cocoa skin

Awakening my sensations

Your skin

Dark chocolate that melts under my embrace

The intertwining of our bodies connecting us together

Singing sweet songs that your lips have no words for

As passion escape me through mystical bliss

Our chocolate interconnection is unbreakable

Your Eyes

A chocolate high that intensify the longer I stare

In the empty air  I feel vulnerable

As if I were a love note waiting to be opened

Promises of forever that set pain a side

Your Love

Being in sync as waves crashes through

Crying out at my uncontrollable ecstasy

Whining down under your tight hold

A beautiful moment that is ending

Chocolate High

A roller coaster that I ride

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Chocolate High
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