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China White

The One She Loves

She is the one I love

Yet she reaches for you

Crying out your countless epithets-

Black Eagle-

You take her where I can not

Rising high above topless mountains

White Horse-

Mounted upon your powerful spine,

You carried her to the places

Even the brave dare not go


Your pure beauty forged in fables

Pierced her heart forever more

China White

The epithet she cherished most

You drew her to her knees

Drowning her in your black tar

Worshiping, she sings

China White, China White 

China White take me away

China White-come to me

China White make me numb

You grant her what I could not

Beyond her boundless fantasies

Piercing her darkest dreams

You held her hand

She called you many names

I know who you are-


Your song, merely white noise


Breathing the fire of a Scarlet Dragon


You took her where I could not

You took…



J Hirtle
J Hirtle

I penned my first poem 20 years ago. It remained tucked away in an old shoe-box until recently. I had written several novels but one evening I was toying around with poetry,it was as if an old friend came bearing incredible gifts. 

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China White
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