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Childhood, the Dream

A Simple Time

Photo: Oliver Sved of Shutterstock

Moonlight in my window tonight

Illuminating the book pages for sight

Stories of steads and great wars

Creaks, as wind rumbles the floorboards

Glancing out at the tundra-forest maze

Reminiscing, a youthful child phase

Wild child, through the woods we ran

Tree forts and trails, walking talkie can

When cops were heroes before they became the ‘man’

Fishing for trout by the lake with pap and gram

Camping was weekly, s’mores were in demand

When neighbors were family and lent a hand

Hitchhiking the roads was a thumb raised high

No worries to a kid, not even a blink of the eye

Laying under the stars, talking about dreams

A child's heart, in the light of our eyes, beams

Innocence, simpler times of wrong and right

Whimsical and carefree, heart in flight

Drifting away, thinking of you

Shooting star, I wish, may it come true

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Childhood, the Dream
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