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Cheyenne Patterson – What Have You Done?

I wrote this song about two years ago and I have been seeking to save up money to buy my own studio equipment in order to professionally record all of my music.

*Beat by Bass Cave Beats*

Sample of something I wrote last night.

Just felt like posting.


What have you done to me? You make my life complete 2x

Sometimes I'm so over it, so over this, not over it. Why can't we have a simple conversation ? Why is it that we need an invitation ? Why can't we just avoid temptation ? Make a mess, can't take the stress, but I'll confess I just want you to meet my expectations to clear up all the awkwardness and tension. You know I wanna be your wife, and start our life with endless nights. Why can't we be quiet and listen ? Why is it that we can't share our opinions ? Why is it difficult to come to a solution ? I believe that we could be the best and see the love that comes out every creation. The moments that we share won't be forgotten.

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Cheyenne Patterson – What Have You Done?
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