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Cherry Blossom Thoughts

'Soft touches from cherry blossom trees with subtle pink toned leaves falling at my feet...'

Sakura & Sunset | by Luís Henrique Boucault

Soft touches from cherry blossom trees with subtle pink toned leaves falling at my feet

The chill of the light breeze worked its way up my spine 'til the chill froze my insides more than any pain could have

I looked into the sunset to only squint my eyes in pain from the bright saturated colors

That moment stuck with me for I had paused to experience my surroundings not just assuming its natural boredom and demeaning the beautiful sight to a short of grace everyday view

Realizing then that the bushes carried not one, or two shades of green but more than the human eye could ever see

I stared and stared 'til the scenery was encrypted in my brain

Filled my thoughts with images and short thought glimpses of what felt like minutes to cover this pain

I never dreamt of being this ignorant

“Look at us” they yelled as they flagged their problems in hopes that you would relate your suffering and boil it down to a simple “everyone’s hurting”

They saw nothing of what was the beautiful day by the cherry blossom tree

Although this tree radiated bliss it wasn’t long before the light pink leaves were torn up into grey dust in my hands

And amongst the rubble laid a single seed glistening against the harsh terrain

Noticing the almost insignificant seed had seemed almost inevitable

It had called out to me with such strong energy, making it impossible to ignore

I reached for this seed

In hopes to one day see the tree blossom again, and relive my once lovely sunset 

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Cherry Blossom Thoughts
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