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Chasing Ghosts

A Poem

You can spend your time chasing ghosts, in the hopes they can see you in their shadows.

You can lead a friend into the daylight, but only if they leave their darkness behind.

You can train a lover to perform for you, but never to truly love you.

You can try to be all you can be, but do you like yourself?

We can be gluttons for punishment.

Manipulation, self infliction.

Darkness will prevail.

Lovers come and go.

But trying to grab a ghost is neverending.

Ever failing.

Be careful what you wish for...

Sleepless nights, lonely mornings.

Chasing shadows on the walls.

Waiting and wanting, but yet they never call.

Looking for some familiarity in unfamiliar faces.

Seeking comfort from anonymous souls just reaching out for gold.

They take from us because we give, but aren't we looking to take from them what they are willing to give?

Ghosts. Haunting our memories.

Crowding our space.

Crowding our tomorrows.

Crowding our dreams.

Living in our yesterdays.

Feeding off our promises, dying from our neglect.

We die from theirs.

Wither away, dust blowing in the wind.

You can spend your days chasing ghosts.

But in reality most ghosts don't want to be seen.

They stay hidden, almost forbidden.

Chasing ghosts.

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Chasing Ghosts
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