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Chasing Cans

For the Barrel Racer

Chasing new colts and chasing to train and trade.

Chasing the sorrels, the blacks, and the bays.

It don't matter the color as long as they got heart.

She knows if they'll give it to run, she's off to a good start. 


Chasing a lunge line in a little round pen.

Chasing for patience to find one that can win.

Giving all her trust in the colts she comes by.

Knowing God will send her one when it comes the time.


Chasing the pattern at the practice pen trying to be the best.

Chasing sweat down her brow and her horse's foamy chest.

Being patient with her partner when he needs a little help.

He won her all the buckles that hang on her bling and tooled belts. 


Chasing the price of hay and her horse's feed.

Chasing the bill of the diesel and tires her truck needs.

Paying everything out of pocket just to make it down the road,

all she owns packed like a rodeo gypsy in one trailer's load.


Chasing this dream, just chasing cans.

Chasing the standings, talent in her hands.

Riding to win, everything to lose.

All she wants to do is make it, you don't have a clue.


Chasing this life we call rodeo.

Chasing the love of a big or small show.

Entering near and far trying to make a check,

if her wheels are rolling, you know where her minds at. 


Chasing highways and their white lines.

Chasing the sunset, then the sunrise.

Driving all night instead of sleeping,

even with her eyes wide open she's still dreaming.


Chasing all the victory laps and the saddles she's won,

Chasing all the credit to her horses who got it all done.

She'll always chase the circuit because it's all in her heart.

She was born to be a cowgirl, she's been one from the start.


Chasing the entry fees and the call-in numbers,

Chasing the weekend from one state to another.

Running in the rain and mud or hot sunshine,

where others draw out, you won't hear her whine.


Chasing to hustle and whip and kick,

Chasing to clock and "Hit him a lick"

She don't care if the arena is big or small.

Enters morning slack so she can make it to them all.


Chasing to sit up and remember to ride.

Chasing to trust him and "peel paint off the sides."

Giving every run all that they got,

Grit, talent, and speed to make that top spot.


Chasing the timers to shut the clock off.

Chasing the ground deep, trashy, or soft.

It don't matter the pen, she's there to win.

Whoop n ride and send her horse in. 



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Chasing Cans
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