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Change Can Happen

What can we change during school? How is school viewed?

School, Where a crystal ball of ideas are formed and told to never shatter.

Where creativity is allowed only in these four walls. Where the halls are filled with pistols of encouragement.

Imaginary minds are told to be intelligent figures. They become native to one answered questions and wrong and right.

But who are affected by these authoritative decisions?

Who are neglected to have a say, but are bombarded by consequences and work.

We go around lurking for someone who doesn’t consider asking questions, “shirking”. They consider it good intentions but we see it as suggestions that have other options. We want say in different adaptations in our school. Where School boards are filled with students who are prudent and skilled, making different ideas, outdoing the last. But isn’t that a diffident idea, a irritant proposal inside my crystal ball.

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Change Can Happen
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