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Embrace It

Photography by Laura Nuño/ Piquant Life Photography 

There’s something special about change

Something special in the way it makes you feel

Something special in the way it makes you see

From the day you choose to say today’s the day

Today’s the day the leaves fall and the air shifts

Today’s the day you move from what’s comfortable to what’s best

Today’s the day you break out of this box society has put you in

Today’s the day you put aside the labels and walk in your identity 

Your identity as a child of the most high

Today’s the day where being alone no longer scares you because it’s only lonely when you choose it to be

See change doesn’t have to be a burden

It’s meant to be embraced

Embrace the struggles

Embrace the tears

Embrace the joy at the end of this new journey

Change will take you from who you are now to who you’re meant to be

For you are able to grow once you decide to choose change over comfort

Change is crazy beautiful

Just as crazy beautiful as you

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Claudia Coto
Claudia Coto

Im a singer and a creative who loves writing about experiences: Love. Heart break. Travel. Life. 

Lover of: God, people, creativity, books and adventure.

Instagram: claudiaaa_cee

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