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Carefully Hidden Razors

A Poem About Tales That Are Still Unheard

In between of those boring classes

Sits a quite girl all alone,

With her books and nerdy glasses.

She is in the midst of chaos and noise,

Yet all she hears is silence,

Silence that follows her in the corridors with its dreary voice.

She wears a cloak of content,

Yet inside she is wretched and swollen.

She has the most glistening eyes,

And her smile can pierce through the darkest of the nights.

She looks like she is in pure serenity,

But she is busy fighting the monster that resides inside,

Yet tonight it will overcome her.

It will find those safely hidden razors,

And make art on her wrists.

And as those red lights will buzz,

She will slowly, slowly fade away.

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Carefully Hidden Razors
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