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Respect the Beast


she’s a skittish one.

she’ll nuzzle your hand

and purr with pleasure,

but when the pads of your thumbs

run up her skull


bite your hand

clean off.


she’s a runner.

you may watch behind the trees

toss her compliments

lay affection before this sacred creature

but one step forward

she will sprint

you’ve never seen a beast run like her

you will never see it coming


she’s a fragile one.

she’s seen her kind trapped before her eyes

held hostage by the Wrong One

for this beast

every step is towards her capture

every word is suffocation.

she knows it’s a lie

not every outreached hand will strangle her

she wants to lean into each caress

to give the beauty in the being

but she’s believed the deception so long

she has become deceiver.

be careful

cause she kills.

PC. Peony Yip

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