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Captivate my soul 

Teach me the unknown 

My eyes are blind so I can’t see 

Can you take my hand and guide me? 

Captivate my own belief

Changes surround, my mind can breathe 

Be present and awake to say

I may be blind but in a good way 

You’ve captivated my heart and soul

By just being you and nothing more 

The little details that make up your being 

Has detoured my eyes from properly seeing 

But my hand is out and you grab it tightly 

I’m assured I am not alone you reinvite me 

To journey this journey of the unknown

That captivates my thoughts you don’t even know 

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Holly Santonato
Holly Santonato

I'm a soulful, R&B artist from Toronto. I'm a singer/songwriter, as well as a poet. I release my inner being within the art of creatively writing. Which can translate into a beautiful song/ melody, or stay organically as a poem.

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